A Girl of Inspiration and Enthusiasm

By Iren Hakobyan

Difference! This is probably the main thing that gives us hope to create future career and develop as a separate and grown-up individual. Anahit is a girl to endure the study process difficulties both at Yerevan State University and the American University of Armenia.  She can teach many others about her experience and exciting path of education and career with full of difficulties and surprises. Every time she feels strange, she has something and someone to rely on, which is not easy to reach nowadays.

After graduating her bachelor’s degree at Yerevan State University in the faculty of International Relations, she decided to make a change in the sphere of education. Changes in life make us stronger and purposeful. Of course, she is falling in love with her profession, but maybe studying in Law department is also interesting. With this question in mind, she participates in the open house event for Graduate Admissions. “I fell in love; really I fell in love.” She believes AUA is different from all other universities. The atmosphere, the professional approach to every student and the methods of study are the main things she decided to choose AUA political science and International Affairs department.

“I even remember what I wanted to wear for the first day of my university.” She laughs happily while speaking about the first study day there. Thanks to professors, she did not even notice how the two fantastic years passed. Anahit loved the simulation games and group projects during the different courses they had. However, one of the courses by Arpi Balyan was a decisive one for Anahit: she had a group project, after which she started to work in the same company for which the group was doing the project. Children of Armenia Fund became a lovely place for Anahit thanks to AUA, and till today, every single day of her life she spends by remembering how her education created the path to reach to this destination.

But Anahit herself is different from others because she is not working to earn money, or to satisfy her parent’s needs. She is working because she adores it. Her education does not only provide knowledge and opportunities, but it also inspires Anahit to go forward and to build the career she desires. “AUA knowledge and atmosphere are what I rely on, and Arpi is who I rely on.” She finds her trust and confidence in this institution. The roots of her today’s career and personal aspirations are her enthusiastic approach towards education.

“Love what you do.” Love creates inspiration for every single person! If you want to do what you do happily, choose whatever is interesting to you, but not your parents or friends. “Love and interest and enthusiasm”: Exactly these three concepts create life and successful career for the lovely girl.

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