An IT who Likes Poetry

By Natalie Adulyan

He’s pretty hard to reach because he’s in Tehran on a business trip. Going to different countries is the part of his job. Saro Deravanesian, 37, is a senior software engineer in the Armenian branch of a US company called Numetrics Global Software. The company has its ERP software products and Saro’s mission in Tehran is to develop the software and to lead the team. Sometimes being a software engineer can be an exhausting job, but it seems like Saro is genuinely in love with his profession and enjoys every bit of it. Interestingly enough, becoming a software engineer wasn’t always his dream. When in 2000 he moved to Yerevan from Tehran, Saro didn’t have a profession of choice; he even used to think about becoming a doctor. After some time, he accidentally discovered for himself Computer Science and decided to study it at the Polytechnic University of Armenia.

In 2005 Saro graduated from the university and went to AUA to continue his studies. It’s not that he couldn’t apply for masters at Polytechnic, he liked his instructors and learned a lot there, but what fascinated him at AUA was the teamwork. He says ‘American University isn’t only about the knowledge you get; the best thing is that you have an opportunity to learn to work in a team.’ With the technologies we have today it’s easy to learn a lot by just passing some online courses on the Internet, but you can never experience teamwork, a thing you will run into in real life. Saro believes that AUA gave him enough knowledge to graduate and easily integrate into society.

When in 2016 Saro was offered to come back to AUA, he agreed without any hesitation. This time he was at the university not as a student, but as an instructor of Database for undergraduate students. Teaching has been a pleasure for him because since childhood he always liked to share knowledge and help people to learn something new. ‘I am a very communicative person, I like sharing information and teamwork’ – says Saro.

Even one sport that inspires him is football because it’s a team game.

Saro finds his inspiration in different things; for example, the way of thinking of his friends can be inspiring for him, or music. He thinks that music is a fascinating thing that can give you the courage to suggest new solutions to problems. Sometimes he likes music so much that even starts to learn it and play at home. Books are also a good source of inspiration because even smallest novels or stories are stuffed with profound philosophy. He used to like more technical books or the ones that gave some practical and general knowledge, but now he’s more into philosophic literature. The thing that he does not like is when people read books only to brag about them. ‘For me, books are like food; if it’s junk food, it’s stupid to eat it up the end just to say you did. If the food is delicious, then you finish it.’ And it’s not only about reading books; it’s more of receiving information for Saro. One of his hobbies is just surfing the Internet in search of interesting articles. The thing that inspires Saro the most is poetry. Especially the poems of a famous Persian poet Saadi, because they are very human and informative.

For Saro, there are two types of inspiration; the first one is the one that intrigues and gets people going. The second is the one that makes you not to do some things.

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