AUA Gives an Even Chance to Become a Better Citizen

By Lucy Bichakhchyan

Aspire, Inspire, Achieve … legacy AUA alumni are taking into their lives and careers.

Arman Gasparyan is a political scientist specializing in public policy and public management. He came to study at AUA because of the quality of education, the environment and most importantly the moral compass of the AUA community. “Back when I was a bachelors student, group work, and cooperation with other students, teamwork, team spirit, different issues concerning cooperation were not prioritized at all.”

Arman believes that studying in an atmosphere where group work is prioritized has shaped him into the professional he is. He is now residing in Leuven, Belgium working on his Ph.D. and developing a few projects with the Council of Europe empowering local Armenian communities. “In the field of politics and public policy, inspiration is not one of the greatest determinants of success, but it’s necessary for an internal push forward.” Adding that AUA gives its students an even chance to get inspired, to get knowledgeable, to become a better citizen, to become a better person in their life, to be more professional in what they do. At his young age, Arman has quite the experience working in the nonprofit sector of Armenia. He is an active member and the president of “European Youth Parliament Armenia” (EYP) NGO. EYP is a platform for Armenian youth, aiming to empower them through public speaking, political discourse. Also, urge them to become a coherent part of the socio-economic and political life of Armenia and the EU. AUA is among the local collaborators of the NGO.  It is a part of a European network, which encompasses 40 different NGOs around Europe. Arman recalls many instances where his efforts have inspired young Armenians to pursue higher education, deepen their studies and move forward in their careers. “To inspire the youth in our country to make small steps, is essentially the right thing to do and that’s a legacy that AUA left in me, that’s what I keep.” The moral compass of the university has pushed Arman to be a better citizen and a better scientist. He is proud to be a part of a community of approachable like-minded individuals. “Arpie Balian, my thesis advisor at AUA, had a particularly important impact on me. Although I graduated a while ago, we’re still in touch. I always ask her for advice; it is precious to me.” Arpie Balian specializes in public administration, policy planning, and development.  There are great things that do not change about the university that all the student have a chance to experience. That’s what unites the students and most importantly the alumni community.

Aspire, Inspire, Achieve … a legacy Arman Gasparyan has taken into his life and career.

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