Behind all the Great Stories, there is a Great Teacher

by Liana Ghazaryan

The inspiration for changing major and becoming a tutor was one of her teachers.

Hasmik Harutyunyan met her teacher when she was getting ready for the University entrance exams. She added that her teacher was the only person who inspired her not to give up and do her best for achieving her goal.

Before applying for master’s degree at American University of Armenia (AUA), she studied at the Armenian State University of Economics for the Accounting degree.

The decision of changing the profession said Hasmik Harutyunyan, was one of the hardest and the best step to take, and there is no point to feel sorry for that. “I chose AUA because it was different and I was sure that I would find my place there.”

With the help of the knowledge and skills gained from AUA is what she was looking for. AUA helped her find the job/profession which brings her pleasure and excitement, which is, teaching English.

The idea of working in China came out of blue. It just happened unconsciously which, Hasmik thinks, was a result of a long-term preparation as a teacher in AUA.

“Teaching in China is an amazing experience for me.” For her, the best part of teaching is realizing how kids are trying to express themselves by using gestures and mixing those with English and Chinese phrases. Now Hasmik teaches at a primary school. She also managed to have experience in teaching preschoolers, middle and high school students. After starting studies at AUA each day was unique for her.

During her study, AUA professors were sharing information on different international and local conferences one of such conferences she took part in was TESOL Arabia conference held in Dubai. The participation to TESOL Arabia conference was an interesting and a memorable moment for her, as presenting the research paper in front of a broad audience where the majority of listeners were teachers and professionals was quite thrilling.

Moving and working in China was not planned, Hasmik started learning Chinese a month before deciding to work there.

Even after two years, the differences between two countries become a little barrier for her to overcome and adapt in China.  During the two-year work in China left memorable moments for Hasmik to share with others. Hoping to become an inspiration for her students she searches and finds productive and new ways to teach her students.

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