Hard Work and Its Successful Outcome

by Mariam Mirzoyan

An AUA Alumnus Armen Petrosian shares his thoughts about inspiration in a unique way. He time travels back to when he was a student and gives some advice to the younger version of himself.

Armen Petrosian graduated from Yerevan State Engineering University in 1993 with a bachelor’s degree in Systems and Computer Programming. The same year Mr. Petrosian started his MBA studies at the American University of Armenia in the field of Business Administration. Along with his successful studies he received an “Award of Excellence” in developing a business plan for setting up production of perlite-based pipelines thermo-insulation materials at the Yerevan Ceramics Plant. With all of his successes, Mr. Petrosian did not stop his educational path and finished his Master’s degree in “Comparative Legal Studies, International Law” in 2002 with a 3.84 GPA. Mr. Petrosian is the former Director of AUA Services, and now he is the General Director of Energy Invest Holding CJSC.

Mr. Petrosian has always had the desire to work for a private business, and after several attempts, he reached his goal in Energy Invest Holding (EIH). The EIH is to improve quality of life through the sustainable development of energy systems. They provide and develop additional sources of renewable energy, reduce environmental burdens, and address safety and efficiency of our power systems. As Mr. Petrosian mentions, developing big and challenging projects in the renewable energy field brings enormous job satisfaction to him.

The fact that Mr. Petrosian is a hard-worker is unquestionable, yet he never stops to amaze with his commitment to his profession. The complexity and challenging character of the work inspires Petrosian greatly as he says.  He beautifully described ‘inspiration’ as “something which is in your mind throughout a day, which you address again and again by tackling it from several perspectives until you finally work it out.”

There is a lot to learn from Armen Petrosian. One can even get inspired and motivated by looking at his successful and hardworking educational path.  Mr. Petrosian would give some to the student version of himself, and every current student has something to take from it for sure.

  1. Take the most challenging elective courses which fit your projected career pattern. Most probably, you are going to miss the knowledge you foregone to acquire during your University years.  And, the chances are you may not be able to fill this gap later on.
  2. Go for a second degree if you have an inspiration for it, even if it is in a different field. Having a clear understanding and a multi-perspective vision of how to handle a particular situation or a task helps to succeed.
  3. No cheating — forget about any prior “experiences” you had. Otherwise, you will end up losing another 2-4 years of your precious study time.
  4. Try to combine your studies with a part-time job — the hands-on experience helps to get a better understanding and application of the theory you learn in the classroom.
  5. Be active in a class and be attentive to the fellow students’ remarks — you learn from students as much as you learn from instructors.
  6. Learn to work in a team during the team project assignments.

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