I Know One Thing, If You Want Something, It Will Happen

By Diana Ghazaryan

Gevorg’s career took off because he never stopped developing himself. It’s already three months that he has started learning French language and it’s a new language for him. As he works in a hotel which is a French hotel chain, he believes that if one day he gets the opportunity to work in the Head Office his knowledge of French will help him. He is thinking about applying for some top universities in the future, and he is developing himself to make this dream come true.

AUA is not just a university that teaches you a specific subject; it is helping you to work on yourself.

In 2008, after graduating from the State Engineering University of Armenia, where he studied Electrical Engineering, Gevorg went to serve in the army. His drive to education knows no boundaries. At that time of graduating from the SEUA Gevorg didn’t know the English language at all, and while returning from the army, he decided to develop himself, learn the language and get prepared for the TOEFL exam. After successfully passing the exam, Gevorg went to the American University of Armenia, and he went through all faculties to get familiar with AUA courses. As he had an engineering background, he decided to continue his studies at the faculty of Industrial Engineering.

Ten years ago I didn’t have the vision to be here today.

Gevorg says his positive attitude towards his dreams explains his success. In fact, he never stops dreaming and setting higher goals and standards. Ten years ago he didn’t imagine being where he is today, because his life was entirely different from today’s reality.

I don’t think that I am a person that can advise something to the younger generation. I know one thing if you want something it will happen.

Gevorg has always dreamed about doing some good thing for Armenia with his friends. Alongside his university friend Mkhitar Avetisyan (IESM 16’), and Irina Mkrtchyan whom he didn’t know before meeting Mkhitar, they have started their own NGO to work on the environmental problems. They thought about sustainable development, which kind of tackles not only environmental issues but also social and economic ones. So they established an NGO “Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development,” to fight for sustainable development’s issues in Armenia. They believe that if you want to develop sustainability, you need innovation and innovative programs. Alen Mkhitaryan, one of Gevorg’s favorite professors at AUA, inspired him with his motivational talks and lessons to make this key decision in his career.

Gevorg on the left

There are just three people in their NGO, and together they have already accomplished nearly ten projects. They have started their work from Areni Wine Festival, during which Gevorg and his colleagues did waste management and came up with the idea of designing bins with four different sections for the garbage. With the help of big and enthusiastic volunteer team, they accomplished their very first project in Areni and raised awareness about waste management during the Festival.

I don’t think that there are bad changes; all the changes are for good.

Gevorg loves his home country, and there are a lot of things in Armenia that make him happy. He travels a lot, and that makes him love his country even more. He thinks that while traveling, you understand that here in Armenia you are at home and he loves that feeling. However, if one day he gets an offer to work abroad, he will accept that offer.

Gevorg believes that there are a lot of good changes happening in Armenia. There is one thing that he is sure about Armenia, which is that if you read, learn and use the laws for your benefits, you will succeed.

I plan, but usually, it doesn’t go the way I planned. But it’s not bad; sometimes it’s even better.


(Please, finish the sentences.)

If you can dream it … you can do it.

Success usually comes to those…who want it.

If we always look back … we will never be able to see the future.

There is no success without … a good dream and hard work.

I am Gevorg Guloyan and … trust me I’m an Engineer.

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