Seeking Inspiration for Motivation

By Gevorg Atanesyan

“This not in mortals to command success,

But we’ll do more, Sempronius,—

We’ll deserve it.”

-Joseph Addison

Marine Asatryan is an American University of Armenia alumni with a Masters Degree in Engineering from AUA’s College of Science and Engineering in 2014 who currently resides in Los Angeles, California and attends the University of California In Los Angeles (UCLA’s) Sustainability Certificate Program. The latter is a program developed for professionals in renewable energies and sustainable practices.

She credits a lot of her success to her education and the motivation it gave her. Marine herself says that AUA not only gave her formal education and technical knowledge but also inspired and motivated her. “I have always been extremely passionate about our planet and the environment. AUA gave me an opportunity to work in the field”, the graduate student says.

In a way, Marine’s success story reminds of Addison’s words about not commanding success but being able to deserve it. Ever since she discovered her passion, the young environmentalist has been working tirelessly to accomplish her dreams and goals. All throughout her studies at the American University of Armenia, Marine has engaged in many activities that were of great interest to her and enormous significance to the environment. She got involved in research on human-carnivore conflict (carnivores being species like bears or wolves) that was conducted by the Acopian Center for the Environment (ACE) of the American University of Armenia.

Another impressive accomplishment of Marine’s is her thesis on water management under Dr. Karen Aghababyan’s supervision at the above mentioned Center. After her graduation, she joined the AUA Acopian Center for the Environment. Marine joined Alen Amirkhanian’s team as an Environmental Education and Youth Projects Coordinator. As someone very concerned for nature, human beings and the environment around us, she is happy to have worked on projects that combined both her environmental and teaching interests. Marine describes the years spent with Amirkhanyan and his team as one of the “most interesting and useful” in all of her career. She also mentions the experience as being essential to her desire for learning more about the field and applying to the University of California’s Sustainability Certificate Program to satisfy this need of knowledge.

Marine thinks her education at AUA and the overall scope of time spent on campus helped her in that it boosted her confidence and had her to empowerment to follow her dreams and goals. She noted that “the most valuable experience was the chance to network and meet people who are successful professionals and have great backgrounds” meaning, of course, the instructors who give students the opportunity to learn and discuss. Marine found it important to feel the support of such successful individuals. She calls the years spent with Amirkhanyan’s team “valuable years, as they helped me to understand my true interests and believe in myself.” Step by step, Marine earned her success.

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