The Long Path of Success: from Eurovision to the Ministry of Economics

By Saten Harutyunyan

“Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result.”

                        -Oscar Wild

Mariana Javakhyan, 2015 graduate of the Masters in Political Science and International Affairs (MPSA), is a unique and talented person who started her career as an expert at the “Ministry of the Economic Development and Investments” in the division of “Donor Coordination and Reforms.”

Having an enthusiastic personality Mariana puts a tremendous effort into her work to achieve higher success both in career and in the development of Armenia. Javakhyan is sure that this newly evolving academic discipline gives an opportunity to “Measure its impact through visible facts, in our real world situations.”

Mariana was an eager teenager and achieved success as a young musician as well. As a soloist in the band “Arevik,” she took the second place at the Junior Eurovision in 2007. Even though Mariana has achieved massive success in this sphere, she has always been sure that her dream is to make steps in the career that she has now.

While receiving her bachelor’s degree in the department of “International Affairs” from the Yerevan State University, Mariana decided to connect her future with Diplomacy. However, the broader spectrum of MPSIA of the AUA gave Mariana a chance to discover new aspects of the political science as a master’s student.

Even though Mariana thinks that personality plays a huge role, she firmly believes that AUA has had an impact in the change of her mindset; making her more self-confident, attentive to details, particularly in the problem-solving process. Importantly, AUA taught her to be more objective. As M. Javakhian has mentioned, “Everything you do is based on real facts that can be measured. They should be understood deeply to make right decisions and have positive outcomes.”

New and fresh ideas always inspire Mariana and empower her to fight for achieving goals. One of the most inspirational moments was the time when she was conducting interviews with the governmental representatives. That was the moment that she realized the importance of the scientific outcome.

Nevertheless, in the long path of her academic experience, there were also difficulties. The rules and the system of studies were precisely different, and the adaptation to the new environment was challenging. However, the solution of the issue is straightforward. It is important not to pay attention to the emotions, which are usually caused by grades, deadlines, and pressure. What students should do is to create a timetable and do multitasking in a short time. At last but not least Mariana pointed out that “Being responsible for your work, following the work discipline, your interests, being creative in work and putting your own each work that you are doing is very much important for success in work after the academic career.”

Being loyal to her beliefs and dreams; Mariana strives to achieve better success and is sure that she will reach better highs in future.


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