The Other World of Mine

By Nane Manukyan

Once a 16-year-old girl enthusiastically announced in her university admission interview that one day she sees herself working at an international organization and helping people in need with her knowledge and experience. Today she has almost ten years of experience and is currently working at the International Committee of the Red Cross as a legal advisor. Her name is Iren Aloyan.

While talking about her profession, Ms. Aloyan becomes the same 16-year-old girl with shining eyes, enthusiastic tone of voice and inspirational vision. The only difference is that today she is an experienced professional who can turn her dreams into reality, words into actions and aspirations into inspirations for others.

As a firm believer of the vision that education is the cornerstone of success, Ms. Aloyan holds a bachelor’s degree in Law, master’s degree in International Law and Legal Studies from the French University in Armenia and another master’s degree in Political Science and International Affairs from the American University of Armenia. Ms. Aloyan assures that the American University of Armenia gave her lots of opportunities to develop her skills, get valuable knowledge and think outside of the box: “It is a very good, healthy and creative environment, which makes you study more, explore new things and think differently.”

There is a wide range of directions in her profession. From the beginning, Ms. Aloyan wanted to become a lawyer, but after the graduation, she got more interested in human rights and international law and started to work at the Yerevan Press Club as a legal advocacy officer. There are also challenges, but accepting them and searching for solutions is an essential step for becoming more proficient. She points out that “While executing your task you have to be patient because you do not see the short-term, quick results in your profession. The legal advocacy is a long-term strategy, so you have to be patient enough in order not anticipate quick results.”

Another defining point of Ms. Aloyan’s career is her job at the International Committee of the Red Cross, which showed that it is possible to have the desired career in Armenia and to do what inspires you and meanwhile helps others. The mission of the International Committee of the Red Cross and its mandate acknowledged by the states through international law is to protect the lives and dignity of victims of armed conflict and other situations of violence and to provide them with assistance: “I am proud of being part of this huge humanitarian movement. Even with my small contribution, I think that I am doing for the good of people.”- mentions Ms. Aloyan.

Empty patriotic promises and loud announcements are not for Ms. Aloyan. She prefers to make her contribution silently. This vision also motivated her not to be that much commercial and materialized in the professional field and to have a larger scope of the influence for the benefit of the country. Ms. Aloyan believes that education is a key factor for the development of the country: “I think that education is the soul and the pillar of our development. The more educated people we have, the more we are accepted by the outside world and the more our goals are promoted worldwide.” She believes that nowadays the world is flat, and the geographical location of a person does not mean anything. Every individual, who is not indifferent and never forgets his roots can create a soft power and contribute to the development of Armenia from all over the world.

As a professional Iren Aloyan constantly deals with different people of various personalities. While talking about her own self, she emphasizes: “One of my friends, who is a psychotherapist, once told me – if we know that we do not know ourselves that is a good starting point. I think that I am still a stranger to myself, who keeps discovering new things about herself. And I like this search of myself a lot!” However, there is one thing she knows for sure. She compares herself to no one, but herself in the past: “I strive to become better and see better me in the future.” Talking about future, Ms. Aloyan believes that the younger generation creates the future and advises them always to be very much interested and look for new knowledge, experiences and chances: “One should be motivated and develop himself every day, so he/she can sustain in the market and the society.”

After all, next to profound education, beloved job, and a successful career, Iren Aloyan considers that her mission in life is to be a mother and to have a family: “All the other things are adjacent to this.” Ms. Aloyan continues to “write” the book of her life, which she would call “The Other World of Mine.” The most inspirational, unique and fascinating pages of the story are yet to come.


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