The Power of Decision Making Woman in Armenia

by Lilit Ayvazyan

Human life is a series of numerous decisions. The choice of profession is a more philosophical question. When starting forming your inner self and personality, choosing a life career is one of the hardest decisions in life. What is it that most interests you? In what you want to put your full strength? How ready are you to overcome the obstacles to achieving the goal in the chosen profession?

Liza Grigoryan, the Judge of the First Instance Court of General Jurisdiction of Erebuni and Nubarashen Administrative Districts of Yerevan City and an AUA Alumni School of 2011, has been impartially making decisions in the pursuit of justice already for 25 years. The first decision in career and it fit right a whole life. Back then in the 1990s, there were not enough opportunities to pick and develop whatever job you want and become a professional. People were choosing a profession from the need for the society to have a “full” life. It be a conscious or subconscious decision, when choosing a career, what matters the most is how it continues; how you overcome all the fears and difficulties and make it to the success of your life. Liza Grigoryan chose the career in law because of her interest in protecting human rights. As she mentioned, a judge is not the same as a doctor saving people’s’ lives. However, a well-educated, very sympathetic lawyer may have a decisive influence in changing lives; making people happy and satisfied, giving the freedom they deserve.

People do not go to the court because they like it. There is a profound social conflict between the two sides, the solution of which does not lie on the surface. Each judicial act is not only the application of one of the laws in making a decision, but it is also the resolution of specific life situations. The work of a judge is an effort to the social life; the input you have in the society. So, she cannot be indifferent to the ongoing social processes. “You can make mistakes. That is why the judge should restrain from thinking that you are the person who knows everything and who is right in all the cases. And also to deepen your knowledge in every sphere and not only in legal subjects, but also in psychology, art, I think in literature, history. Not to make a mistake you should know how people make mistakes.” said Liza Grigoryan.

It is challenging to make a decision of a life change in someone else’s life without affecting your self; to choose for example a possibly best solution for a child custody case when the best interest of a child is to be with both parents.

After graduating Yerevan State University (YSU), she went to the Fletcher school of law and diplomacy at Tufts University which was funded by Tavitian Foundation. Because the American education system was very much in differ from Armenian way of teaching Liza decided to enter the American University of Armenia (AUA) in 1995 to do masters majoring in law. The difference is in the environment of teaching; group works, discussions, freedom of choice. “Fletcher school gave me very broad knowledge it was a quick program. That’s why I realized that AUA would give me the more detailed knowledge and more opportunities” and added that AUA’s approach of teaching had a significant impact on her career of a lawyer and a judge.

Have an alternative plan when doing something important in your life. Work hard every day with small steps to go forward fast and with a full of strength. This is what a judge, who has faced challenges in her career, who has experience of attorney and a lawyer in NGOs pro-bono, advises the younger generation; to my peers and me who may be nervous about taking the first steps toward an exciting career path.

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