Turning Dreams into Reality through Inspiration and Will

By Sharmagh Mardi

“Believe in God, rely on your strength, and never be discouraged by difficulties” – an inspiring statement in life and career of one of the prosecutors, working at the General Procuracy Office of the RA, Arshak Martirosyan.

After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Law at the Yerevan State University, Mr. Martirosyan continued his educational life in the same field and attained his Master’s degrees at Yerevan State University and the American University of Armenia in 2013.

Interestingly, as far as Mr. Martirosyan is concerned, the willingness to become a prosecutor has deep roots in him as it is connected to the concept of injustice. The negative concept of injustice became the source of inspiration for Mr. Martirosyan to choose the path of Procuracy and recovery of justice with more determination. As a prosecutor, it is important to realize the responsibility of your job and how crucial it is to make honest and fair decisions, as it directly refers to the fate of an accused person. Being inspired by the idea of fighting against injustice and restoring justice, it is essential to make individuals, involved in crimes, admit their wrong actions and never repeat them. As a result, the decreased number of crimes is also an inspiration and encouragement to maintain the positive attitude towards your job that can bring new positive changes to the world.

 Being an indulgent and calm individual in personal life, Mr. Martirosyan changes his personality when it comes to his professional life and its demands and contingencies. In Mr. Martirosyan’s case, the transition from a regular person to a prosecutor requires him to change his “indulgent” and “calm” character to a more “demanding,” “strict” and “attentive” character.

 Mr. Martirosyan is a person with a unique approach towards the word challenge which refers to the process of proving one’s own self that one can achieve specific goals. A relevant example of this is the fact that Mr. Martirosyan started his university life when he was only 15 and studied at two universities at the same time for a Master’s degree. However, the challenge is about yourself. He says, “I have never set easy goals for myself; instead, I have set difficult objectives and enjoyed the process of conquering them.”

The American University of Armenia has been a source of inspiration in the professional life of Mr. Martirosyan. AUA has inspired him to think out of the box and develop skills for critical thinking. This inspiration becomes an opportunity for Mr. Martirosyan to have his ideas, create his hypotheses, come up with his justifications and analyze situations thoroughly. A drive that, according to Martirosyan, refers to the importance of group work is that every individual contributes to the achievement of a mutual goal that benefits all individuals in a group. Mr. Martirosyan applies the group work method to his professional life because being a prosecutor he naturally works with different bodies and teams to get the desired outcome. Thus, the effects of critical thinking and problem solving are undeniably crucial for Mr. Martirosyan, as he applies both skills to his professional life. He says, “AUA has greatly inspired and prepared me for my profession.”

Having a strictly positive notion of the essence of life, Mr. Martirosyan perceives it as a gift, which depicts a path that has its beginning and logical end. He believes that life is the reflection of a restricted time frame. Thus, individuals should live every single second of it and bring a piece of positivity to the life of humanity and the country. For him, people are divided into two groups: individuals and strong individuals. He concludes, “Strong individuals are the ones who leave an imprint in the history of the world; the realization of this statement is the inspiration and goal of my life.”

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