Wherever Life Takes me I am Open for that!

By Gayana Khachatryan

The majority of American University of Armenia (AUA) Alumni have very successful careers and are leading professionals from different sectors in Armenia, as well as abroad. One of them is Liana Korkotyan, who has already very prosperous and promising career and work experience, in which development her Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from AUA has its unique and own place. “By teaching how business is done elsewhere, MBA program at AUA inspired me to do business the same way, and not to compromise on the quality of work. It taught me a wide range of skills, which proved priceless to my professional life ever since” – she says.

Ms. Korkotyan had a promising career before graduating from AUA working as a translator in a number of US Government projects, both at the US Agency for international development and many projects implemented in Armenia by US Government Partners. However, in her words, AUA was like a door for her towards the western style of education, which was unknown to her before. The classes, the professors and the overall culture in AUA made her much more open-minded and opened new horizons for her. Moreover, after graduating from AUA, her career continued developing and growing more and more. Liana Korkotyan joined the Armenian Development Agency as a project manager, where she was helping small Armenian businesses export their products outside the borders of the country, in a way she got inspired during the years of her studying at AUA. She also worked in a number of consulting firms, and then joined the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation, as a global manager for a project called SME Toolkit- an online tool that helped businesses grow and succeed.

After her long and promising career pathway, Liana Korkotyan is currently working as a country manager at one of the leading and most innovative technology companies from all over the world – Microsoft office in Armenia, where she was recruited at the end of 2015 by the head of Microsoft office.  She is managing a team of seven and the overall operations of Microsoft Armenia. Ms. Korkotyan is also responsible for building relationships with key partners and stakeholders, including the Government, as well as other, different customers.

Although Ms. Korkotyan is not sure on her future career pathways, she firmly believes that will do anything by the same level of commitment and aspiration as everything else before in her life and career. “I am open to wherever life takes me!”-Liana Korkotyan.


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