My Life Puzzle

By Amalya Hambardzumyan

When the spirit of experiencing the taste of success merges with her ambitious character, Tsovinar Kostanyan, steps ahead, by leaving the barriers behind. Inside her planet of aspirations, the limitless devotion towards her homeland strengthens her more.

With the clear image of future, she purposefully dives into the world of politics by gradually beginning to collect a puzzle made of her accomplishments.

After studying her bachelor’s in Political Science and International Relations faculty in the Russian-Slavonic University of Armenia, Tsovinar continues her masters in political science while simultaneously studying in the Russian-Slavonic and American Universities of Armenia. Due to the enthusiasm of applying her knowledge for the sake of her country, Tsovinar becomes a political scientist and fills the angles of her puzzle. “I have always thought that the knowledge I gain in university I have to apply for the sake of my country. Thus, my chosen profession is not an exception.”

Tsovinar was raised in a family where dominated the Armenian spirit. Though she had lived abroad for ten years, she had never lost tight connection with her homeland. Her brother, a very patriotic person, had the primary role of generating that great love inside herself. She says, “I was filled with the desire of doing something beneficial for my country.” With great aim in mind at the age of 19, Tsovinar takes the risk of creating “Association of Patriotic Youth” social organization with her friends. Being unaware of the world they are entering, Tsovinar goes for the search of another piece of her puzzle. “Honestly speaking, that was a romantic project that had to be done in those years, as it gave us a lot of experience.” By setting the beginning and confidently walking on her career stairs, Tsovinar found the central pieces of her puzzle. Today, she is the co-chair of “International Humanitarian Development” social organization in Armenia, which implements important initiatives.

Along with walking forward, Tsovinar never stops on setting new goals and working for achieving them. For her, setting the goals that are closer, rather than necessarily having farther purposes from the beginning, takes the person to her ultimate aspiration. “It is essential to have this as your life becomes structured under this system and you surely know where you are going, how you are living and why you are living.” If the goal suddenly fails, it strengthens her more, rather than makes her disappointed. Due to her studying years in the AUA, she learned to work in intense and challenging situations. “I am very grateful to AUA for a unique experience, for the learned skills that I gained during my studying years there,” she says.

With her achievements, Tsovinar has found the pieces of her puzzle, although, there are missing parts. Along with accomplishing the new upcoming goals and her most significant missions of being a good person in life, and returning Western Armenia to our homeland, she gradually will fill the remaining parts of the puzzle. Then someday she will suddenly realize that she has a huge picture in front of her, where every piece depicts her greatest efforts and luck.

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